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„A jóga olyan, mint a zene,
a test ritmusa, az elme dallama, a lélek harmóniája
alkotja meg az élet szimfóniáját.”




Péntek 18:00, szombat 8:00, hétfő 17:45, 19:30


2019. április 19-22.

David Meloni (I) újra Magyarországon

Korai kedvezmény március 10-ig!




2019. április 27-28.

KEZDŐ IYENGAR JÓGA tanfolyam 'B' modul - a folytatás



2019. április 29-június 3.

MESTERKURZUS - mini műhely - Kevin Gardiner vezetésével



2019. május 11. szombat, június 29 (?)


Oktatóknak, képzés alatt állóknak, haladó gyakorlóknak


május 18-19, június 1-2, szeptember 7-8, október 26-27, december 14-15.

1% a Magyar Iyengar Jóga Szövetségnek


Magyar Iyengar Jóga Szövetség


bármikor május végéig:)

Iyengar jóga: ászana és filozófia


Minden kedden 18:15-től!

Edwin Bryant (UK/USA) & Kevin Gardiner (USA/HU) workshop

KORAI jelentkezés: május 31-ig!


EDWIN BRYANT, Kevin Gardiner


2019. július 12-14.

Középhaladó/haladó IYENGAR jóga tábor Balatonmáriafürdőn 2019.

Teljes befizetés MÁRCIUS 31-ig. Várólista!



2019. május 10-12.

Intermediate IYENGAR yoga workshop with LAURIE BLAKENEY (USA)




2019. augusztus 24-25.

IYENGAR yoga workshop with STEPHANIE QUIRK (NZ)




2019. szeptember 28-október 1.

Őszi Iyengar jóga tábor a Somogyban

ELŐLEGbefizetés április 15-ig. Elvileg megtelt, iratkozz fel a várólistára, még bármi lehetséges:)


Répássy Erika, Trapp Laci


2019. október 17-20.

Oktatóképzés=mentorprogram 2019.


2019. januártól/szeptembertől

IndiaFest, Dürer Garden Budapest, 19 June

2009-06-19, XpatLoop.com | Rovat: Rólunk írták

IndiaFest, Dürer Garden Budapest, 19 June

XpatLoop.com, 2009. június 24.
IndiaFest, Dürer Garden Budapest, 19 June

It was a great success on Friday, 19th of June in the Dürer-kert, Budapest. It seemed that everything was perfect and in favor of IndiaFest. Whole week the weather was rainy and cold, the sky only opened on Friday and the temperature rose to 30 °C. Looks like Sanjiv did some good Karma.

After a hot afternoon, breeze came in the evening. This was the first time to be organized in open air, in a child friendly venue. We could see more than a dozen children playing and running around. The program also offered a bigger variety than before. People started flocking in as the gates opened at 6:30pm.


You could see Sanjiv welcoming everybody and putting Bindi (Red Dot) on their forehead with Milindee. More than 250 people watched the beautiful film Amal, while the others were enjoying good weather in open air garden which was filled with soothing Hindi Melodies.

There was a bit disruption in the film but at the end everything went well. By the end of film the whole place was full of all kinds of people from age as young as 3 to as old as 70. They were from different backgrounds, mostly Hungarians, Indians, Africans, Arabs, English, Australians, south-Africans, Spanish, Americans etc.


You could see people carrying chairs up to the stairs to watch the movie and bring them back down to stage for rest of the program. There were many Indians and Hungarians in ethnic Indian dresses as Saris and Kurtas. A wonderful yoga presentation by Amrita Yoga mesmerized people. When the Sundari Odissi Dance Group started dancing, it was already full house.

Sandhyadipa Kar and her pupils (Mészáros Adrien's dance troop) presented an amazing Odissi dance. Everybody enjoyed it very much, including H. E. Ranjeat Rea (Indian Ambassador with her 2 aunts, who happen to be visiting Hungary.)Than come the party part - starting with Mantradal concert (HU-India) fusion music with the tempering moods of Vivek Nemane's Tabla.


From midnight till 3 am in morning DJ Milindee made people moves their feet in a real Bollywood party. The atmosphere and the mood of people was great during whole night. We have never seen punks dancing to Bollywood music, and they were the last few to drop out at the end. More than 900 visitors enjoyed this wonderful fun filled cultural evening. This was the biggest Indian Event ever held in Hungary.

Indian food was enjoyed by everybody and finished twice, they had to bring more. Masala Market was very happy to introduce authentic Indian spices to the visitors. Congratulations to the organizers !"


Forrás: XpatLoop.com (www.xpatloop.com), 2009. június 24.

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